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Dalton Castle Would Bring David Arquette To ROH If It Would Help Him Win A Golden Globe

Dalton Castle wants to help Ring of Honor win a Golden Globe award, and he might be willing to lean on a movie star in order to do so.

Castle recently teamed up with David Arquette on “Celebrity Family Feud,” and it was only fair to wonder what the future held for the alliance between the two stars. On the latest episode of ROHStrong, Castle hinted that he’d be interested in bringing Arquette, a former WCW World Champion, to ROH as part of his quest to add more drama and excitement to the company’s television product. He expressed that he’d be open to the idea, especially while he’s waiting for his tag team partner, Joe Hendry to return to the United States. (Hendry, a Scotland native, was been unable to travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

“Anything is possible,” said Castle. “Especially with my schedule getting busier and busier, my worlds might be colliding together, so yeah. My mind-melding sessions with David might be just happening while I’m wrestling a match just because I’m so swamped with things going on in my schedule. I would love to get David involved in Ring of Honor because the guy’s a world champion, I’m a world champion. We got a lot in common.

“He’s a movie star, I’m now a celebrity being on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’, and is that what the viewers want? If that’s what’s gonna get me a Golden Globe, maybe David Arquette being alongside me while we’re waiting for Joe Hendry to come on over to the American states….”

Castle’s mission is clearly to add flair to ROH TV; for this reason, he criticized the risk of putting Pure Rules matches on the show, as he argued that new viewers who don’t know the rules find them “boring.” By comparing himself to the wrestling style, Castle emphasized that he wants to make ROH more like him  a man who is known for his “pizzazz.”

“[Pure Rules matches] are fun to do, and it’s interesting to watch, but that’s not getting the mass appeal,” said Castle. “I’m looking to draw in the new viewers. You know, if you don’t understand what’s going on in a Pure Rules match, you’re lost. You’re bored.

“But when you see me in the ring, right now in the Television Title division, you know exactly what you’re getting. You’re getting panache, you’re getting pizzazz, you’re getting somebody who’s catching your eye with all the glitter, all the baby chickens, and all the dance moves because I am entertainment. And I am who the Ring of Honor audience needs.”

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