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ROH Wrestling Results (8/16/21): Champions vs. All-Stars

ROH Wrestling Results 

Originally aired August 13, 2021

Report by Colin Tessier for Wrestlezone.com

The show begins with a recap of the first round (up to this point) of the ROH Women’s Championship Tournament.

Ian Riccaboni welcomes viewers and previews the card.

ROH Women’s Championship Tournament First-Round Match: Max The Impaler (with Amy Rose) vs. Holidead

Holidead describes her background as a wrestler who has competed all over the world. She says this match will be a clash between two monsters, and she’s ready for it. Meanwhile, Amy Rose says Holidead is just the first stop on Max’s path of destruction.

In the ring, Rose sarcastically extends her hand to Holidead, mocking the Code of Honor. Max and Holidead square off and shove each other. They lock up and trade blows, as the match is a stalemate early on. Max throws Holidead across the ring and slams her to the mat twice. Holidead fires back with a slam of her own.

Max drills Holidead with some stiff blows and slams her into the turnbuckle. Holidead rallies with some shoulder blocks in the corner, but Max maintains the advantage with some clotheslines and a powerful suplex. One Spear puts Holidead down, but she dodges another and suplexes Max. A dive to the outside gives Holidead even more momentum.

Holidead catches Max with a spinebuster, but Max dodges a diving legdrop and hits a nasty backbreaker. The Wasteland (over-the-shoulder backbreaker) earns Max the victory.

Winner: Max The Impaler

A video package hypes up Matt Taven’s upcoming steel cage match with Vincent at ROH Glory By Honor. Taven makes it clear that he wants to put this bitter feud behind him so he can focus on regaining the ROH World Championship.

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