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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Tommy Dreamer Supports & Extends Big Invite To Viral ‘Crying CM Punk Fan’ At AEW Rampage

Call Tommy Dreamer “The Innovator Of Kindness” today. Chicago fans and CM Punk were rife with emotion last night as the latter made his memorable return to wrestling on Friday’s AEW Rampage. The United Center exploded with cheers and chants as The Second City Saint stepped in front of a large wrestling crowd for the first time in over seven years. The TNT cameras panned the crowd and production happened to catch an individual with tears of happiness streaming down his face. With Twitter being the polarizing medium that it is, wrestling fans begun to mock the fan for showing such raw emotion, but several stars in AEW and outside of it showed their support for the man. Tommy Dreamer was one of them as he  Tweeted out a message in hopes of getting a hold of the person to offer him a few things for being a true blue fan of such a historic return.

“Crying CM Punk fan, get a hold of me or Busted Open Radio,” Tommy Tweeted. “I’m gonna fly you to IMPACT Wrestling’s [Bound For Glory]. I love your passion. I will also hit up CM Punk or Tony Khan for a meet and greet. F*ck the haters online. We appreciate you.”

Another star who was outspoken for that fan’s passion was Nyla Rose who makes clear she thinks such a display should be fully embraced rather than belittled.

“Deadass… if you’re in the business and you’re mocking “crying guy” get out of the business cause you clearly don’t and never will get it,” she Tweeted. “Normalize expressing emotions for wrestling besides when there’s a 10 bell.”

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