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Quinn McKay On ROH Women’s Title Tournament: We’re Building Something That Will ‘Stand The Test Of Time’

Quinn McKay is confident that Ring of Honor is building a strong women’s division, which is currently being showcased by the ROH Women’s Championship Tournament.

In a recent interview with WrestleZone, McKay described how she feels like she’s living while history is happening all around her. She noted how there’s a constant buzz about this tournament because everyone involved knows how special it is.

“It feels historic while it’s happening, which is something that’s really cool because I feel like a lot of times, whenever you’re making history, you’re just kind of doing what you have to do and going through the motions, and not really realizing that you’re living history,” said McKay. “But in this sense, with the Ring of Honor Women’s Championship, the first ever, because we were Women of Honor before, you can tell that history is in the making. And it’s like there’s always this buzz in the air, it’s electric, like everything that you and everything that everyone else does is important.

McKay also acknowleged the fact that ROH’s women’s division has been the source of some fair criticism in the past, but the company is turning it around. She shared her firm belief that fans will respond positively the tournament, and the division it features. McKay also stated that she feels like this division is built to last.

“We’re trying to put our best foot forward here, and I think that we’ve done a really, really great job,” said McKay. “And there have been a lot of criticisms about Ring of Honor’s women’s division for a really long time. A lot of times, not unwarranted. Sometimes there wasn’t one. And it feels incredible to know that, I can just feel that we’re building something strong enough now to stand the test of time.

“There’s so much thought and effort and love and care that’s been put into this. And I think that’s going to turn out tenfold, I really do. I think it’s gonna be well-received, I think people are gonna love it. and it’s exciting to have a strong women’s division people actually care about and that there’s a buzz about in Ring of Honor.”

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In addition to previewing her own run in the bracket, McKay picked Miranda Alize as a competitor to keep an eye on as the tournament unfolds. (Both McKay and Alize will wrestled in respective second-round matches this weekend on ROH Wrestling, which will premiere tonight on FITE at 7 p.m. EST.)

“Somebody else in the tournament that I think people really, really need to be paying attention to…let’s see, Miranda Alize,” said McKay “She just is a firecracker, that one. She is a little bit hard to predict. She can be a little bit chaotic sometimes while still being incredibly like smooth, and I don’t know, she has this flow that’s almost hard to match. So I think Miranda Alize is another one that you really, really need to look out for.”

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