Carmelo Hayes Odyssey Jones
Credit: WWE

Carmelo Hayes Upsets Odyssey Jones, Wins NXT Breakout Tournament

It was an underdog vs. a colossus in the NXT Breakout Tournament finals, as Carmelo Hayes took on Odyssey Jones with the stakes for the two being an all-time high, but it was Hayes who came out the victor.

General manager William Regal sat at ringside with a title contract going to the winner, and both competitors played to their respective strengths in the match-up. Jones tossed Hayes around, and Hayes used his quickness to keep the big man grounded. Hayes did a good job of that with an extended front chancery and followed it up with a flurry of knees and an axe kick for a near finish.

Jones soon turned the tide with a tilt-a-whirl shoulderbreaker. Hayes found some temporary sanctuary by rolling out of the ring and landing a kick to the ear of Odyssey. He then hit a top rope scissor kick, but Jones got back to his feet. Hayes went for a second one, but Jones moved and splashed all his weight on top of the smaller man. Still, Hayes found up enough strength to crucifix roll Jones for the 1-2-3.

Post-match, Jones and Hayes exchanged a moment of respect before Regal presented Hayes with the contract. When asked which title he was going to challenge for, Hayes said there will be time for that.

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