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The Lucha Brothers On Chasing The AEW Tag Titles: ‘We Will Fight To The Death’ To Win

The Lucha Brothers are determined to win gold in AEW, and they’ll have the chance to earn a title shot Friday night on Rampage when they face Jurassic Express in a match that will determine the next challengers for the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

In an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Penta El Zero M made it clear that he and his brother Fénix will do whatever it takes to win the titles. He also stated that, in a potential chapionship clash, the Lucha Brothers will show everyone why they’re the best tag team in wrestling.

“Matt and Nick Jackson are our greatest rivals, and we have so much history with them in AEW and from the independent world,” Penta said through a translator. “We are both brothers, and we all have a passion for wrestling, but there is a difference between us and The Young Bucks. It is not for show. Winning titles means everything to us. We will fight to the death for that championship.

“Our biggest motivation is that we are indebted to all our fans. This time, we will show them it is different. This time, we are better prepared. We will show why we’re the best tag team in the universe.”

Generally speaking, Penta also noted that he feels like he’s part of the family in AEW; he spoke highly of Tony Khan and explained that he’s happy to fight his heart out for “the boss” because he’s a great person.

“AEW is very important to me,” Penta said. “Tony Khan is a great human being and AEW makes us feel like we are family. When you know that the boss is a great person, then you are happy and go out to fight with all the energy in your soul. I know that I am an important pillar in AEW, but I still want to go further and accomplish more.”

For now, fans will simply have to wait and see whether the Lucha Brothers can earn the opportunity to challenge The Young Bucks.

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