deonna purrazzo
Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Deonna Purrazzo Defeats Melina, Retains Knockouts Title At NWA EmPowerrr

Deonna Purrazzo defended her IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Championship against Melina tonight at NWA EmPowerrr, where she took down her opponent in a big win. 

In a surprising start, it was Melina who took over during the opening sequence of the match, taking down Purrazzo with a few near falls before hitting double knees in the corner on Purrazzo. Of course, the champion slowly made her way back from the brink, exchanging kicks with Melina before nearly covering her for the win after Melina was unable to land a Code Red. 

Late in the match, Melina slowed down a bit, causing Purrazzo to pick up the pace and land a few key strikes against her opponent. After countering the Play of the Day from Melina into an armbar, Purrazzo then grabbed Melina’s other arm and reached back, pulling Melina’s leg back and trapping her in what looked to be an excruciating submission, forcing Melina to tap out. 

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