Ilja Dragunov NXT
Image Credit: WWE

Ilja Dragunov Calls Himself ‘A Symbol’ After Defeating WALTER At NXT TakeOver 36

Ilja Dragunov proved size doesn’t matter at NXT TakeOver 36 when he defeated WALTER for the NXT UK Championship and the new champ believes it establishes him more than just a title holder. On his Twitter, Dragunov posted a clip of his brutal battle against WALTER, displaying his speed with a flurry of kicks to the downed Goliath. Ilja wrote out a few comments talking about how much that bout defined his journey and his drive as a wrestler.

“That’s a declaration to anyone trying to mess with me,” Dragunov Tweeted. “Nobody can feel or imagine the physical and mental pain I took to get to this point. I remember it like it was yesterday and I will fight like my life again and again depends on it. I’m not human, I’m a symbol.”

WALTER and Dragunov stole the show at TakeOver 36 as the two men obliterated one another in the ring in an effort to hoist the NXT UK title in victory and Dragunov had the scars to prove it. Plenty of images of Dragunov’s battered chest made it’s way around social media, but he was indeed the victor after unseating the longest reigning champion WWE has seen in quite some time.

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