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Photo Credit: Ryan Nemeth via Twitter

Paul Wight Shares How He Ended Up Embracing #HotBoiSummer, Still Working On ‘Captain Insano’ Trademark

Paul Wight is a man of his word, and he enjoys what The Wingmen bring to All Elite Wrestling.

Paul Wight recently spoke with WrestleZone to promote his work on Fast & Furious: Spy Racers and also talked about his work with All Elite Wrestling, including how he gets to work with up-and-coming talent on AEW Dark: Elevation. Wight recently sported one of The Wingmen’s “Hot Boi Summer” shirts on air, and the group’s Ryan Nemeth shared a photo of Wight wearing the shirt backstage. Wight shared how he ultimately came to wear the shirt on the show and said he’s a fan of the variables the stable brings to All Elite Wrestling.

“It’s funny, the ‘Hot Boi Summer’ shirt all came up with Nemeth, and Ryan and those guys. I like what they do for setting themselves apart, and their characters and their goofiness. The whole thing with that was, we’re playing cards—because I like to play a lot of cards—I said, ‘I’ll tell you what, if you guys win, I’ll wear your damn t-shirt on Elevation.’ As soon as I say that then my hands started going downhill real fast,” Wight explained. “Whether ‘Pretty’ Peter [Avalon] is a side card shark dealer who started dealing me some pretty bad hands or not, I don’t know. But I’m a man of my word. I wore the shirt, so there you go.”

Wight also spoke about trying out different ring gear for his in-ring return, which has since been confirmed as taking place at AEW All Out on September 5. Wight told WrestleZone that he had a solid plan for what he’d wrestle in, and joked that the only way it could change again is if AEW got the rights to the infamous “Captain Insano” character.

“The only way my gear would change anymore is because if we can get the rights to Captain Insano, then I will bust out the full Captain Insano gear at some point. So, we’re still working on that, playing with that down the road,” he stated. “So, hold your breath, but Captain Insano might make an appearance in AEW soon, brother.”

All Elite Wrestling applied to trademark “Captain Insano” in March. Wight was a guest on Miro’s YouTube stream in April and talked about the potential of playing the role again if Tony Khan acquired the rights to the character, noting that he’d love the chance to play the character once more.

“Well, here’s the thing, Tony Khan is really good friends with Frank, one of the writers or creators of [The] Waterboy. The Captain Insano character, I think Tony’s trying real hard to get the rights to that and do something with it. I told Tony, ‘If you get Captain Insano, I will rock the ever-loving tits off it. Man, I’ll get the red boots and the whole nine yards. ‘Captain Insano shows no mercy, brother!’ I’ll have fun with it,” Wight said. “That’s one of the ones that would be a great, fun gig and break out Captain Insano every now and then.”

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