Awesome Kong
Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Booker T Reflects On Awesome Kong’s Retirement And Her Legacy In Wrestling

Awesome Kong recently announced her retirement from the world of professional wrestling at NWA’s EmPowerrr event, bringing an end to one of the most storied careers for a female wrestler.

During a recent episode of The Hall of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore, Booker talked about his time with Awesome Kong, and how much he appreciated getting to work with her. “I so much appreciated Awesome Kong’s career, because she was definitely one of a kind,” Booker T said. “I remember her and I, we had a thing, I think we were in England, and we were doing like a six-man match, and she was going to be in the ring with the guys.

And I told her I wanted her to give me a big body slam and hit the ropes, and give me a big splash, and she was like ‘Give you a bodyslam, what are you talking about?,’ I go ‘Give me a bodyslam, and give me the big splash!’ And she was so freaking happy that I was putting her over. I’m like ‘Come on here, you’re Awesome Kong!’”

Booker went on to talk about how great it was to see Awesome Kong be able to parlay her wrestling ability into other aspects of her work, including an acting career, which he said was incredible to see her achieve.

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