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Mojo Muhtadi Is Hyped To Kick Off The NFL Season With Pepsi, Shares Favorite WWE Memories

Mojo Muhtadi is hyped for his latest endeavor.

Mojo Muhtadi recently spoke with WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard about his new partnership with Pepsi for their “Made For Football Watching” campaign, which kicks off in conjunction with the start of the 2021 NFL season.

Mojo Muhtadi is one of the many personalities and football players that are sharing their favorite gameday traditions as part of the campaign, and he spoke about how teaming with Pepsi was a natural fit for him.

“This partnership was right up my alley because I grew up on Pepsi. Even into my adulthood, sometimes when we’d go out to the bars and others would be ripping shots and having beers, alcohol was never really my thing, so I would be the guy at the bar with a Pepsi. So, this was great. We got to talk with them about creating this partnership to represent the hometown team, the Washington Football Team, which of course I’m from Alexandria, Virginia, and that was our team growing up. It was just like a clash coming together, worlds colliding,” Muhtadi said, “and it was just a partnership that I was so excited to be part of.”

Muhtadi has stayed busy since leaving WWE in April, including a role in the new film Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe OriginsMuhtadi also started a talent management company, and says he just wants to help fellow wrestlers figure out how to brand themselves and make the most of the opportunities that they have now outside of their wrestling personas.

“It was awesome. It was what, a month or something after leaving WWE that Snake Eyes came out and that was just perfect timing. It was a really cool segway into rebranding myself and growing and expanding myself outside of being just a wrestler for the past ten years. That was part of the reason I started my talent management agency, was just seeing all of these guys that when they leave WWE, whether it’s by choice or if they get released,” Muhtadi noted, “these guys are directionless and have no idea what to do next. They just know the same two promotions to wrestle at, but no one thinks big picture as far as branding yourself and finding these big, A-List name brands like Pepsi that you can share a vision with and partner up with. You can expand your name and your reach and come together for charitable contributions, making donations like Pepsi’s doing for these people in need around the start of the football season. It’s been cool to just grow together and reintroduce people to the world and show people the side of [yourself] that you haven’t been able to, just being under your gimmick for your run. It’s been exciting.”

Mojo Muhtadi also shares his favorite WWE memories and makes Super Bowl pick; check out our full interview at the top of this post. Learn more about the partnership with Pepsi at this link.

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