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Ridge Holland On The NXT Revamp: ‘There’s Nothing Negative About It’, It’s An Exciting Time

The looming arrival of the “new” WWE NXT has generated plenty of concern among fans of the brand, but Ridge Holland, a featured star on the show, recently shared his belief that the total revamp of the brand isn’t a bad thing whatsoever.

During an interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT, Holland explained that he views the situation as an exciting time, as he compared the sweeping changes NXT is about to experience to similar “revamps” RAW and SmackDown have seen over the years.

“It’s exciting times regardless of what you might hear,” said Holland. “You look back over history, over the past few decades and whether it’s RAW or SmackDown, every so often, they go through a revamp.

“Whether it’s the set, the structure, this and that. NXT is no different. It’s exciting. There’s nothing negative about it. Everyone I know that I’m speaking to about it are chomping at the bit and I don’t really know the ins and outs of what’s coming.”

Holland also called the drastically different logo “cool and different” and simply stated that he’s looking forward to getting to work and seeing how it goes. He then described how, while he enjoyed his time on NXT UK, he always hoped he’d end up on the primary brand. Still, he noted that he’d like to work with WALTER again, if he gets the chance to do so.

“With me being based over here in the United States, I kind of always had an inkling I’d find myself on the original NXT brand and I think NXT UK was just a great opportunity for me to learn the TV structure,” said Holland. “You’re there with Shawn Michaels and there’s some great coaches over there, it’s just a matter of a learning curve before you go. Not as a stepping stone because I don’t want to talk down about NXT UK because it’s a fantastic product, but, I think it was there just to get me some reps really.

“I was working with great guys, I had an opportunity to work with WALTER which I’d love to do again, without a doubt. I’ve improved and I owe him one, so I’d love to do that again.”

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