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Kenny King: Even Without RUSH, LFI Has What It Takes To Emerge Victorious At ROH Death Before Dishonor

Ring of Honor veteran Kenny King is confident that La Faccion Ingobernable will reign supreme at Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor.

In a recent interview with Inside The Ropes’ Liam Alexander-Stewart, King discussed the impact of the loss of RUSH, who had been scheduled to team up with his LFI stablemates at the pay-per-view before he went down with an injury. Though he acknowleged that RUSH can’t be replaced, the stable still has “what it takes” to emerge victorious when they face Shane Taylor Promotions on Sunday.


“I don’t think that we have to prepare any different,” said King. “I think as you saw everybody saw on [ROH Wrestling] on Monday, LFI’s just got Shane’s, I mean I’ve got Shane’s number, right, so and I represent LFI that just is the whole thing we got these dudes.

“Even though we’re one man down with the former two time reigning world champion is going to be out for foreseeable future, probably the rest of 2021 and Bestia you know the patriarch of LFI winning over nobly he steps in and Bestia is more than capable wrestler got 40 years of pro wrestling experience. So I just feel like the game plans stay the same, you can’t replace a rampaging bull like RUSH. But you know dragon came up to me when after the show he was like ‘yeah man I don’t know Kenny, you know there’s not many of us I just looked at him and said less is more homey there’s plenty of us’. So we’ve got we’ve got what it takes man.”

As King noted, the two stables clashed last weekend on ROH Wrestling, and LFI emerged victorious. King stated that he has an advantage over Taylor because he taught him everything “The Baddest Champion on the Planet” knows, but that doesn’t pass on every aspect of his knowledge to his former ally. As a result, he made it clear that he shouldn’t be viewed as an underdog when the two sides wage war on Sunday. While this previous encounter was an eight-man tag team match that also featured RUSH, King emphasized that even without the former World Champion, LFI has the players and the plan that will lead them to victory at ROH Death Before Dishonor.

“You know Dragon [Lee] is, as long as you got Young Dragon in your team, you got [also] me,” said King. “Not only am I moving into a new phase of my actual wrestling career, moving into a new phase cerebrally as far as the way I approach wrestling matches, and then we got a damn a full on beast, a 50-year-old animal. So nah man, I believe that we’re cool, we’ve got all the pieces to the puzzle, and we got the game plan.”

King and Lee regained the ROH World Tag Team Championship on this weekend’s episode of ROH Wrestling, so they’ll enter Sunday’s bout with plenty of momentum.

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