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Josh Woods Dethrones Jonathan Gresham, Wins ROH Pure Title At ROH Death Before Dishonor

Josh Woods is the new ROH Pure Champion.

At ROH Death Before Dishonor, Woods defeated the champion, Jonathan Gresham, who has held the gold since he won the Pure Tournament last October. Gresham defended the title seven times, but his impressive reign came to an end when he faced Woods on Sunday.

Woods, a former Top Prospect winner, had a breakout run in the Pure Championship Tournament, but he lost to Gresham in a hard-fought bout in the semifinals. Since then, Woods has risen up the ranks, and he also won a feud with his former partner, Silas Young.

Here’s how the math culminated, courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

Gresham gets a two count with a sunset flip. Woods locks in a sleeper hold and traps Gresham in the body-scissors. Gresham is fading, but he escapes. Woods gets a two count and catches a diving Gresham with a stiff kick. Gresham drills Woods with a series of elbows to the shoulder/neck and gets a two count with a pin attempt. Woods gets out of an ankle lock and traps Gresham in one of his own. Woods plants Gresham with a German suplex for a near fall.

Gresham and Woods hit each other with several strikes, and the champion suplexes Woods. “The Octopus” drills Woods with a forearm to the head and locks in the Kimura. With one arm, Woods powers out of it and tosses Gresham across the ring from the Tombstone position.

Winner and new ROH Pure Champion: Josh Woods

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