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Tony Deppen Confronts Ron Funches On Stage At The Hollywood Improv (Video)

Tony Deppen took Ron Funches’ advice and came to see him at work.

Tony Deppen and Ron Funches have been going back and forth with each other on social media over the past several months, and now they are set to face off in the ring at GCW’s “Highest In The Room” in Los Angeles on September 17.

Things escalated after Deppen punched Funches at GCW’s recent “War Games” show, and Funches also appeared on Wednesday’s episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden and talked about his ongoing feud with the former ROH World Television Champion. Now, Funches invited Deppen to come see him at work after the latter said he was already in Los Angeles and wanted to talk, and Deppen took him up at the offer.

Funches was performing at the Hollywood Improv on Thursday night when Deppen made his presence known by heckling the comedian. Funches then talked some trash about Deppen, who said Funches was no match for him.

“Do you really think you could hang with me, dude? Look at you,” Deppen said.

After Funches rattled off some of his credits, Deppen shoved him on stage and security proceeded to have him leave the stage. Check out the full exchange (and tell him to watch A.P. Bio!) below:

Tony Deppen vs. Ron Funches is part of the lineup at “Highest In The Room” that will also feature an appearance by Minoru Suzuki, who recently made his in-ring debut on AEW Dynamite. Suzuki has a number of US-based appearances lined up in the next few weeks, including a match with Davey Richards for Glory Pro and at New Japan Showdown in Philadelphia in October.

Funches also spoke with about his role as an announcer in Golden Arm, available on-demand now. The plot focuses on women’s arm wrestling, and Funches named a few ladies that he could see excelling in the sport.

“Oh, women with good, big arms that are strong. Piper Niven [now Doudrop] from WWE NXT UK. Charlotte Flair, she’s extremely strong in the arms for sure. She would be great. I think, Awesome Kong who was in AEW and then also in the GLOW show, she’s built very strong up top. I think any of them will be great. I would like to see that. I was going to say Sasha Banks. She probably has stronger arms than she looks. Even though she is a tiny, tiny woman, let’s put her in there. See what she can do.”

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