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Photo Credit: CBS (via screengrab)

Ron Funches Dances With Danhausen, Loses To Tony Deppen Due To Paul Scheer’s Betrayal

Game Changer Wrestling offered fans an unusual match when comedian Ron Funches faced Tony Deppen. The match has been brewing for weeks, as Funches and Deppen have clashed a few times; on Thursday, Deppen confronted Funches at The Hollywood Improv after the comedian called his rival out on The Late Late Show with James Corden,

On Friday night, the time for talk was over, as the two foes met in the ring. For his in-ring debut, Funches, accompanied by actor Paul Scheer, wore a robe quite similar Ric Flair’s classic attire on his way to the ring

Funches got some unexpected help from ROH star Danhausen, as the “Very Nice, Very Evil” one coached the comedian and helped him bring the fight to Deppen. After Funches hit Deppen below the belt, Deppen’s trunks came down, exposing his behind. Danhausen and Funches dance together and kick Deppen.

Funches later slammed Deppen through a door and sent him head-first into a chair. He hit a Canadian Destroyer for a near fall.

Here’s how the ending of the match played out, courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

Scheer betrays Funches by hitting him with a bucket. Scheer and Deppen embrace and start to beat down Funches, but Allie Katch makes the save. She drops Deppen with a piledriver and threatens Scheer with a knife. Katch chases Scheer to the back.

Funches drops Deppen with some punches, but Deppen chops him. Deppen hits Funches below the belt and stacks him up for the win.

Funches has previously made his interest in wrestling quite clear. In a recent interview with, he discussed his role as an announcer in Golden Arm, available on-demand now. Funches named a few women’s wrestlers, including “The Queen” Charlotte Flair, that he could see thriving in the sport.

“Oh, women with good, big arms that are strong. Piper Niven [now Doudrop] from WWE NXT UK. Charlotte Flair, she’s extremely strong in the arms for sure. She would be great. I think, Awesome Kong who was in AEW and then also in the GLOW show, she’s built very strong up top. I think any of them will be great. I would like to see that. I was going to say Sasha Banks. She probably has stronger arms than she looks. Even though she is a tiny, tiny woman, let’s put her in there. See what she can do.”

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