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Rok-C On Winning The ROH Women’s Title: I’m One Of The Best, 10-Year-Old Me Would Be ‘Freaking Out’

Following her victory over Miranda Alize at ROH Death Before Dishonor, Rok C reigns supreme as the inaugural Ring of Honor Women’s World Champion.

During an appearance on Beyond the Belles, “The Prodigy” reflected on this triumph and explained how her successful run in the “Quest For Gold” tournament and her title victory helped her truly believe in herself as a wrestler. Looking back on her journey to this moment, Rok-C stated that her younger self would be “freaking out” because the road to this unforgettable moment was incredible.


“During the tournament, after every one of the matches, on my face, there’s just a look on my face,” said Rok-C. “I watched it back, and there’s a look on my face of like, I was in shock. Because I was, and I think it was just, I was still in that mindset of, wait what am I doing here? I’m at Ring of Honor, and I’m wrestling some of the best women’s wrestlers in the world.

“And I think after I won the championship, I didn’t even have that sense of shock. It was more of a sense of relief and a sense of like I’m not afraid to say, I’m one of the best,’ and I think I had to kinda just tell myself like, it’s okay to say that. And I think 10-year-old me, I think she’d be freaking out. I always had this vision of like, I want to make it, but I never thought that I would be accomplishing all of these things like along the way, and it’s so crazy to me.”

Rok-C then described how seeing the way “The First Lady of Ring of Honor” Maria Kanellis-Bennett believed in her by giving her the first Ticket to Gold, followed by the fans’ support and her own success, boosted her confidence, something that she struggled with as a wrestler who broke into the business at a remarkably young age. (She started training when she was 13.)

“Just holding that championship and having Maria pass it along to me, like she gave me that first ticket to gold, which was mind-blowing to me, and then for her to just pass the championship to me, was just, it was so emotional.

“It was very hard for me to kind of believe in myself, and I think me being very young kind of is like a factor in that. But like having Maria believe in me and then having the fans believe in me and just me holding the championship, I’m like I believe in myself. I did all this and it’s amazing.”

At the end of the interview, Rok-C made it clear she’s ready defend the title against anyone at any time, and she’ll showcase that mentality when she puts the title on the line against Killer Kelly at New Texas Pro Wrestling’s “Olajuwon” show on September 25.

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