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Kofi Kingston: Xavier Woods Wants To Win King Of The Ring More Than Anything, So Let’s Make It Happen

Alongside WWE Champion Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods have enjoyed a lot of success together as The New Day.

Now that Big E and Kingston have won world titles, many fans want to see Woods complete the trifecta and earn his won run at the top of the card.

In a recent interview with Rick Ucchino of Sportskeeda, Kingston echoed this sentiment. First, he praised Woods as an underrated performer with a brilliant mind for wrestling.

“I don’t think people understand, his wrestling mind is legit top-notch,” said Kingston. “Having conversations with him and talking about matches and ideas, top-notch wrestling mind for sure. The New Day doesn’t happen if Xavier Woods doesn’t have the idea culminating in that big old cauldron that he calls his brain. So yeah, [he’s] incredibly underrated for sure.

The former WWE Champion then stated that, while he does want to see Woods win a world title, his stablemate actually wants to win the King of the Ring crown even more than any championship belt. (Woods has repeatedly expressed his hope to emerge victorious in the legendary tournament.) For this reason, the New Day is collectively determined to help Woods see his dream become a reality.

“I think it would be great if all of us held the WWE Championship or the Universal Championship at some at some point, I definitely want that for Woods,” said Kingston. “But what he wants more than anything is that King of the Ring. He wants that crown, bro. He wants that crown, and I want that so badly for him. That’s all he ever talks about. That’s the one thing that he wants to do.

“So hopefully we’re gonna try to like positively affirm a King of the Ring tournament into existence, number one, and we gotta have Woods at the top and wearing the crown. Because I think that, and obviously it happens to a very small percentage of people, but I feel like everybody deserves to have their dream come true in this industry.”

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