Limitless Wrestling’s Davienne Is Not Ready To Be ‘Prestigious,’ Compares Jon Alba To A Mosquito

Normally, “prestigious” is a title that is welcomed, but Davienne is fighting on September 25 to ensure that doesn’t happen to her.

Davienne recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of her 8-person grudge match at Limitless Wrestling’s Euphoria event this Saturday. Davienne’s team will face off with the PRESTIGIOUS stable fronted by Jon Alba, the thorn in her side for the better part of a year.

Jon Alba is an Emmy-winning television host and respected within the broadcasting world, but it seems like that courtesy doesn’t extend to Davienne. She first expressed her surprise that Alba was nice to anyone, then explained that her team is in a must-win situation.

“First of all, I’m just shocked that Jon is nice to anybody. He’s like a mosquito to me,” Davienne said. “I feel very confident in the team that I have put together to take on Prestigious, but there are some pretty big stakes in this match, so I’m a little nervous. I don’t want to have to deal with Jon Alba every day of my life, I don’t want to be Prestigious, so we have to win.”

After a months-long feud that saw proposals with Ring Pops, chair shots and hostages, Alba agreed to terms for their grudge match at the Euphoria event — if Team Davie wins, Alba will be banned from Limitless for the remainder of the year, but if PRESTIGIOUS wins, Davienne finally has to join their ranks. Her nervousness for the match does not mask her confidence, which was evident in her promo where she accepted the stipulation, and speaking to WrestleZone ahead of the match at Euphoria.

“I’m very confident in my team, 100 percent. But I just know that Jon and his little goon squad, they usually have extra tricks up their sleeves, so we have to be extra prepared.”

Outside of her current issues with Alba and his stable, Davienne has seen plenty of success in the past year. She not only became the first woman to hold the Chaotic Wrestling Championship in its 21-year history, but some of her work has more than one million views on YouTube and she also ranked 324 on this year’s PWI 500. Speaking about how far she’s come in the business, Davienne spoke about how she made her home in Chaotic Wrestling, but it’s great to see how women have more opportunities to work the way they want and have opportunities that weren’t always there.

“It’s very different because when I first started wrestling, I was at the beginning of this evolution, but it still took about five or six years before things really started to change. I was always wrestling women in a six-minute match before the main event and that’s just how things were. If you got to a show and there weren’t any other girls there, you weren’t getting used or you’d be used as a valet or something,” she explained. “So, it’s really cool to see the change and I think you don’t really see the progression until [it happens and] it directly affects you.

“Chaotic [Wrestling] is my home and to be given opportunities there, it’s not because I’m a girl that I’m in the main event, it’s because like ‘oh, you’re really talented and people buy tickets to see you and that’s why you’re in the main event.’ I wanted to be a wrestler since I was 11 years old and I never even imagined — in the grand scheme of things it’s such a small scale and it’s a big personal achievement for me, it’s not the WWE Championship,” she noted. “But it’s something, it’s breaking a glass ceiling, it’s opening doors for the girls that train at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy now. They don’t have to fight for the opportunities that I had to claw my way for…they’re just there. They can wrestle inter-gender matches, they can win the heavyweight title, they can win the tag-team titles, they can win the Pan-Optic title, they can win the New England title. They can really do anything and that’s really cool.”

Tickets are available now for Euphoria; listen to our full interview with Davienne at the top of this post.

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