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Sean Waltman And Nick Hausman Talk ‘Pro Wrestling 4 Life,’ Their Dynamic With Each Other

Sean Waltman and his Pro Wrestling 4 Life co-host, Nick Hausman, recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard about their new show as well as their dynamic together. Waltman and Hausman have worked together before, at pro wrestling events and on Waltman’s previous show, X-Pac 1-2-360, and the pair explained what brought them together for PW4L and some of the differences fans can expect to see (and hear) each week.

SW: “The biggest difference to me, is that this show is produced. The show I was doing over there [X-Pac 1-2-360 with Afterbuzz] and the way it was set up there, it was all live to tape and obviously, there’s several different segments on the show now. It was a lot harder to tell which part of the show was which part back then. I used to get on there and riff a bit, and now there’s a little more structure to it and now I’m doing some things that I wanted to do over there and we just couldn’t do. I love to do the game show thing where I interact with people, that kind of stuff. I just wanted to change things up a little bit. I can change it at any time, which is the cool thing about it.”

NH: “Which we do all the time, which I think has been the best part. Sean and I worked together on the indies but that was just as friends. Now we’re working together, doing business and we have to make business decisions and things, and it’s actually been really fun for me getting to know Sean on that level.

“Sean, I know this may surprise you because we talk so much and some things we agree on and others we don’t, but you’ve been to the top of the mountain and you know what good business is in pro wrestling. So, to get to work with you and to get your feedback and [AfterBuzz founder] Keven Undergaro’s feedback, and learn as part of this and change, that’s the fun for me. I just like working with people that can make me better, I’m a big iron sharpens iron guy. It’s been awesome.”

SW: “Yeah me too, Nick. Since we’re gonna blow a little smoke up each other’s ass, Nick is great, man. What he brings to the table, I feel like he’s the best I could’ve gotten out there. There’s really not many people better than Nick, he’s got a variety of talents.”

Part of the appeal of the show is in the dynamic between Waltman and Hausman, who aren’t afraid to have healthy arguments or exchanges on-air. One of the more notable segments featured the pair (and special guest Ryan Satin of FOX Sports) discussing the infamous “Green Kane” or “DX” Kane attire, and how Waltman said it never would have worked, while the others maintained it would have been cool to see on WWE TV.

SW: “We come at these things with totally different vantage points, right? It’s fun for me because I’m in my head and I have my thoughts and how I think about things, so it’s nice to have someone that’s coming from a different place. It’s stimulating.”

NH: “I think that it’s fun to pick an opinion and go with it. I feel like someone playing Fantasy Football with someone like a Troy Aikman sometimes, where it’s like, ‘I want to run the play’ and he’s like, ‘well you weren’t on the field, so you don’t know what it’s like to run that play.’ And I guess that’s what you’re talking about with the perspectives, but I’m not afraid to say anything that’s very dumb and have Sean correct me. And sometimes I stumble onto a good idea or two, but it’s all about confidence and speaking your mind.”

Check out our full interview, including how the show has been part of the changing news cycle and some of Waltman’s more underrated matches, at the top of this post. New episodes of Pro Wrestling 4 Life air each Wednesday on FITE and your favorite podcast apps, including Apple Music (iTunes).

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