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EC3 To Braun Strowman: ‘Your Creator Only Has One Son And His Name Is Roman’

In the latest preview for Free The Narrative II, EC3 lets Adam Scherr, the former Braun Strowman in WWE, know some of the hard truths about his push and subsequent release from the promotion.

On October 1, 2021, Adam Scherr will take on EC3 during the Free The Narrative II special. This will be his first booking since being released by WWE on Wednesday, June 2, 2021. Recently, a new preview was released for this event via the control your narrative YouTube account and in this confrontation between EC3 and his disheveled monster friend, he speaks about equating your boss to your creator and even says that Adam’s creator only has one son and his name is Roman.

This appears to be a reference to Roman Reigns who defeated Braun Strowman on an episode of SmackDown in 2020 and one of the last singles championship matches Braun Strowman would have in WWE.

You can see the full preview and entire transcript, as released by the YouTube channel, below:

#ec3 and the #ControlYourNarrative movement are proud to announce that Free The Narrative II will be available on the Sports/Entertainment Streaming Conglomerate service FITE TV starting 10/2/21. As #AdamScherr (fka #BraunStrowman soon to be #REDACTED) has found himself at his lowest point, he is visited by an old “friend” with an #essential reminder. “Monsters can be killed.” Available 10/01/21… (PRE ORDER NOW) Available 10/02/21 on Fite TV Free The Narrative is a series that tells original and personal stories with some of professional wrestling’s biggest names, and those yet known. “Free The Narrative” is completely independent of any wrestling promotion. Set to an original score, FTN blends professional wrestling, cinema, and harsh reality in what will become the true definition of “creative freedom” for an industry that desperately needs it, and any performer that truly seeks it.

(Entire Transcript)

When you put so much into your work it becomes you. You invest your #body, your #soul

And Your boss becomes more than a man…

Your #boss becomes your #creator.

What do you believe about Your creator when he disowns you? Banishes you. Throws you away?

If you are made in your creators likeness, YOUR Creator built a #monster.

You became this monster not because of your size or your strength but a monster that comes from the jagged pitfalls of #fame.

The #money. (Consumed you)

The #women. (Infatuated you)

The #ego. (Engulfed you)

Is your creator truly an omnipotent being? Eyes of fire a stature brandished in bronze? Or is your creator simply a man?




Men lie. Men persuade. Men are greedy and Men betray those no longer serve their #purpose.

Being #betrayed is not the worst thing that can happen.

The smaller you feel, only means the larger you can become.

A monster develops #intelligence, monsters have emotions

they feel compassion

Monsters seek #acceptance.

And Monsters can be killed

#Control. You are no longer controlled by your creator and his corporation, his will.

#Freedom. You have the freedom to fight for your battles. For your ideals, not a blind allegiance but fight for yourself.

#Purpose. You can find your purpose.

Not just who you are… but WHAT you truly are.

(side note Adam) Your creator only had one son.

His name is Roman.