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Braun Strowman: Bo Dallas Might Be Even More Unique Than His Brother, I Think The World Got A Glimpse Of That

Braun Strowman gets emotional discussing what Bo Dallas‘ recent WWE return means to him.

WWE Superstar Braun Strowman recently sat down with Steve Fall of Ten Count Media. When asked if he’s had any recent conversations with Bo Dallas following the debut of The Wyatt Sicks, Strowman said he had and broke character to speak about how much all this means to Bo and his family.

“Yeah, but brief in passing. I saw him and things like that. And Bo’s always been one to keep to himself. I’ve known there’s always been something inside of him,” Braun Strowman said. “He’s very unique. He might be even more unique than his brother, and he’s never really had an opportunity to show the world. And I think the world got a glimpse of it this past week, and I’m getting emotional about it.

Braun Strowman is happy Bo Dallas gets to carry on Bray Wyatt’s legacy

“I’m really, really happy for him. It’s been a rough year for his family and everybody involved in that. So having him come back, carrying on the legacy, like you said, for his brother is special. I’ll bust through that fourth wall as a human being, as Adam Scherr, as Taylor and all that, and Windham. All of this is really, really special.

“All of us, and it’s really cool to see the company sticking behind this. The fan’s unbelievable response to it, and I couldn’t be any more happy as a real-life human being, and what’s going on for them, and as in-character; they’re f*cking scary.”

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