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GCW ‘Get Lost Alot’ Results (9/24/21)

On Friday night, Game Changer Wrestling presents its star-studded “Get Lost Alot” event. With names like Minoru Suzuki, Homicide, and Nick Gage on the card, the show will definitely offer fans some hard-hitting action.

Alex Zayne vs. AR Fox


Zayne and Fox feel each other out and trade fast-paced offense. “The Sauce” gets a little cocky with a pin attempt, and Fox catches him with a kick to the head. Zayne takes Fox down with a head-scissors on the floor. Fox poses after a dropkick, and Zayne floors him with a clothesline.

Both men are down after a collision in the corner, and Fox takes some time to recover on the outside. Fox takes Zayne down with a spinning suplex for a two count. Fox stund Zayne with a flurry of offense and gets a near fall with a 450 splash. Zayne gets the win with the Taco Driver.

Winner: Alex Zayne

In-ring segment: Matt Cardona

Matt Cardona comes to the ring wearing his custom GCW Universal Championship and his Internet Championship. Fans in the crowd flip Cardona off, right to his face, and “a**hole” chants fill the arena. Cardona pulls a “Broski of the Week” sign out of the crowd and shows it off. He eventually gets in the ring, and the crowd chants “Major b****” at him. Cardona says he doesn’t want to work the “B” shows, but he wants to show his love for the fans with a love song.

Cardona sings a song about “hoe-skis” before he shifts his attention to the Chicago Screwjob, where Jon Moxley and Bree Lauderdale himself “screwed” him. Cardona says he’s still the “Deathmatch King”, he’s still here, and he’s still the GCW Universal Champion. He lifts the title and says, “The champ is still here.” Cardona states that he is officially the Internet Champion, which makes him the longest-reigning champion in wrestling, He namedrops Roman Reigns and Kenny Omega before he reveals his “major” announcement. Cardona says he’s invoking his rematch clause for next month’s show in Atlantic City, where it’ll be Jon Moxley vs. Nick Gage vs. him. Lauderdale says Cardona will have to earn his rematch, and he do that tonight by successfully putting his title on the line. Lauderdale tells him nobody cares about the Universal Championship; he’s talking about the Internet Championship. Lauderdale calls him a “b****”, and Cardona hesitantly agrees to put the title on the line. His opponent is none other than Effy.

Internet Championship: Matt Cardona (c) vs. Effy

Effy immediately rolls up Cardona for the win.

Winner and new Internet Champion: Effy

Lauderdale tells Cardona his time in GCW is over, so he can take a hike. He leads the crowd in a “Na, na, na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye” chant.

Atticus Cogar vs. Jordan Oliver

Cogar and Oliver feel each other out and trade blows, and the fight spills to the outside. Oliver hits a diving stomp onto Cogar while he’s hung up on the barricade. Cogar bites Oliver, who fires back with a stiff forearm. Cogar blasts Oliver with a boot, and a standing Spanish Fly leaves both men down. Oliver dumps Cogar with a suplex and gets a two count with a big boot. Cogar regains the advantage and gets his signature skewers. The two men trade counter, but Cogar hits Oliver below the belt and drops Oliver with a headlock driver for the win.

Winner: Atticus Cogar

GCW Tag Team Championship: Second Gear Grew (Mance Warner and Matthew Justice) vs. Chris Dickinson and Starboy Charlie

All four men are in the ring to start the match, and Dickinson throws Starboy onto the champions outside the ring before he also dives onto them. The challengers double-team Warner, and Dickinson plants him with a suplex.

Justice sends Starboy crashing to the outside, and Second Gear Crew takes control. Warner and Jusice gang up on Starboy, even after Dickinson tries to make the save. Dickinson eventually tags in with a flurry of offense.

Warner tosses a chair at him and spears him through a door. Justice dives onto him , but Starboy breaks up the pin. Dickinson gets a near fall with a Death Valley Driver. Starboy takes in, but Justice breaks up a double-team attempt.

The challengers persevere , but Warner drops both men with a double clothesline. In the end, Justice gets the pin with a diving splash on Starboy.

Winners and still GCW Tag Team Champions: Second Gear Grew (Mance Warner and Matthew Justice)

Taiji Ishimori vs. Tony Deppen

Ishimori and Deppen feel each other out, and the match quickly picks up speed. Ishimori gains the uper hand and snaps Deppen’s arm. The NJPW star targets Deppen’s arm in several ways, but Deppen fires back with a knee to the spine. A springboard dropkick and a dive to the outside give Deppen even more momentum. He gets a two count with a diving stomp. The two men trade blows, and Ishimori drills Deppen with double knees in the corner. Deppen blasts Ishimori with a pump knee and goes for an STF, but his injured arm prevents him form fully locking it in. He gets a two count with a pinning predicament. A Codebreaker floors Ishimori for another two count.

The two men trade stiff blows again, and Deppen drops Ishiori to one knee, but the latter fires back with a clothesline. He gets a two count with a Tombstone-like maneuver. He hits the Bloody Cross for the win.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori

Deppen flips Ishimori off after the match.

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