Thunder Rosa To Jade Cargill: ‘You Pissed Off The Wrong Perra’

Thunder Rosa
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Thunder Rosa had some intense words for Jade Cargill after their triple threat match on AEW Rampage. Cargill, Rosa and Nyla Rose battled in what was a wild three-way encounter that had Jade getting the pinfall win against Rosa. Rosa staying ever the competitor, gave some comments for “That Bitch” after the three women put their bodies on the line.

“You might have won this match Jade Cargill, but I can’t tell you something…. You pissed off the Wrong PERRA,” Rosa stated on Twitter. “You saw what I am capable of, so next time we square again the results will be different.”

Cargill responded, stating that she showed up Rosa, but a good deal of that was missed due to the commercial break.

Watched it back. Thunder Rosa, just be happy they didn’t show what I did during that long ass commercial break. You looked a way here. I’m sure you’ll get another shot at me This time they will see…”

Rosa had plenty to show in the match as she nailed a wild shotgun dropkick to Jade in a bout that was heavy in weaponry. You can watch the highlights of the bout below:

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