jon moxley
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Jon Moxley Defeats Nick Gage, Retains GCW World Championship

Jon Moxley and Nick Gage faced off against one another in a Deathmatch in the main event of tonight’s GCW Fight Club for the GCW World Championship. In a big win, it was Moxley who retained his title. 

In a Deathmatch that lived up to the stipulations of the contest, it was a violent and chaotic affair from the very start. Moxley made sure to use a variety of weapons throughout the match, including a pizza cutter that he used on Gage’s forehead. Gage was able to survive most of the attacks, though, and even used a weapon of his own — a barbed wire board — to drop Moxley. 

Unfortunately for Gage, things got only worse for him, as Moxley countered a move from Gage and then dropped him onto a batch of barbed wire with a nasty suplex. The referee tried his best to get Gage out of it, but Moxley took a pair of clippers and cut a piece of barbed wire off before wrapping it around his firsts and pummeling Gage with it. 

The violent bout continued, and as things came to a close, the two superstars fought their way to a bloody end. With a giant piece of glass in the middle of the ring, both superstars battled to the top rope, but Moxley was able to drop Gage through it with a Paradigm Shift to end the match. 

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