Xavier Woods WWE RAW
Image Credit: WWE

Xavier Woods To Face Finn Balor In King Of The Ring Finals At WWE Crown Jewel

Xavier Woods is headed to the King of the Ring finals, so he’s one step closer to realizing his dream of winning the tournament following a victory over Jinder Mahal on WWE RAW.

From the very start of the match, it looked as if Woods would have his work cut out for him, as Mahal looked every bit as dominant as he was last week against Kofi Kingston. After he threw Woods into the corner, Mahal absorbed some slaps from his opponent before he laid the fan-favorite out with a shoulder block.

Later in the match, Woods was able to fight out of a series of punches from Mahal and dropped him with a big slam. He then wisely ran right to the side of the ring, where Veer and Shanky were trying to interfere. He dropped the pair with a dive to the outside before he returned his attention to Mahal. The former WWE Champion nearly came away with the win, but Woods eventually got Mahal down and hit him with a Limit Breaker for the victory.

As a result, Woods will face Finn Balor in the tournament finals at WWE Crown Jewel on October 21.

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