Dark Side Of The Ring Producers On XPW: Fans Will Be Intrigued By The Characters, It’s A Wild Story

Dark Side Of The Ring is excited to share the story of XPW, the indie promotion that married adult entertainment and pro wrestling.

Dark Side Of The Ring producers Evan Husney and Jason Eisener spoke with WrestleZone about the slate of topics included in season 3B of the show, one of which is a retrospective look at Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW), the independent wrestling promotion owned by Rob Black and his wife, Lizzy Borden. Eisener said he’s excited for fans that didn’t see XPW in its heyday to get a look at what the promotion was about, and compared it to a past episode of Dark Side of the Ring.  

“I’m excited for people to see the XPW episode. It’s a lot like our UWF episode last year, which people really liked. This one is a dive into a world of wrestling also that I don’t think a lot of wrestling fans are familiar with, but [it’s about] a wrestling promotion that tried to mix pornography and wrestling kinda together, those two worlds together. It’s just a wild story and the lengths that it goes. I think people are going to be really intrigued by the characters that are in that episode and some of the crazy stories.

“If you’ve seen the New Jack episode that we did in season two where New Jack threw Vic Grimes off of that scaffolding down like down onto those tables. I know audiences were like, ‘Oh my God. Who would allow for something like that to happen?’ That’s XPW. That’s just one night.”

Eisener also said the Luna Vachon episode, which aired last week, is also one that he’s especially proud of.

“I just finished working on the Luna Vachon episode and so that one’s pretty close to me right now. I’m just excited for people to see her life story. She’s just so inspirational and [seeing] how committed she was to her character and how her philosophy on trying to like get herself over,” Eisener explained, “it’s just really inspiring and also heartbreaking, but she has such a crazy life story.”

Dark Side of the Ring airs on Thursdays on VICE TV.

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