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Evan Husney Addresses The Future Of ‘Dark Side Of The Ring’

Evan Husney provides an update on rumors surrounding Vice Media and Dark Side of the Ring.

Dark Side of the Ring Season 4 just kicked off on Vice TV, but news of Vice Media filing for bankruptcy in May has led fans to question the show’s future once again. Co-creator Evan Husney recently spoke to Connor Casey of Comicbook.com to provide an update.

“No (this isn’t the end),” Husney said. “We definitely want to keep the show going. We love making the show and we love telling these stories. With Tales from the Territories, we had such a fun time just rediscovering our love for the territory era, that Kayfabe era. We just loved that so much. And I think that’s carried over into Dark Side (Season) Four. There’s a lot of territory era stories, Magnum TA, Junkyard Dog, Adrian Adonis. You got all those. So that definitely inspired that. So we’re exploring that and there’s more to explore.

“I think, what you’re reading about Vice right now, I think the good news is … Obviously, I’m not an official … someone who can comment on behalf of the company or anything, but from what’s been explained to me, it’s business as usual,” he added. “Vice TV, the TV channel, the entity, that’s a separate entity from Vice Media. So we’re good to go and we want to keep going and we have plans to.”

Dark Side Season 4 has 10 episodes airing throughout the summer until the finale on August 8, which will highlight Marty Jannetty

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