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Josh Alexander, Josh Mathews Comment On Braun Strowman / IMPACT Wrestling Rumors

Will the man formerly known as Braun Strowman show up in IMPACT Wrestling? Josh Mathews says you’ll have to wait and see if we’re really “Braun For Glory.”

Tuesday’s IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass featured Josh Alexander as the special guest, with Josh Mathews serving as host. During the call, James Tunstall of That ’90s Podcast asked the pair about the recent rumors that Braun Strowman (Adam Scherr) has been in talks with IMPACT about joining the promotion.

Alexander: “Josh, you want to answer this one?”

Mathews: “Hey, you go first, you were at the baseball game when the news got dropped, “Braun For Glory.” I mean, I’m hearing the same rumors that James is hearing, so to me, it’s one of those ‘you’ve got to wait and see what happens’ [situations]. There’s no reason you don’t order the pay-per-view based on what we’re hearing, but what do you think?”

Alexander: “I would welcome the competition, having somebody [of that caliber] come into the company, and if you can more eyes on [IMPACT]. But at the baseball game, I thought Scott was just trolling everybody by making a joke, but if it does actually transpire then it’s pretty cool that a hot take happened on my wife’s Twitch account.”

In August, IMPACT Wrestling’s Scott D’Amore garnered some attention after he made some comments about Strowman on Jade Chung’s Twitch stream. D’Amore, Alexander, Chung (Alexander’s wife) and George Iceman were at a Toronto Blue Jays game when D’Amore mentioned the company was on the road to “Braun For Glory” and later added “that’s called an Easter Egg, kids.”

More recently, it was said that D’Amore met with Scherr in Detroit, according to a report from It was noted that the pair met up while Scherr was in town for the Motor City Comic Con in Detroit, but there is no confirmation that the two sides have come to a deal at this point.

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