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Edge Thankful To See ‘Lost’ Footage Of Bret Hart Talk Show Appearance

WWE superstar Edge can credit his rise through the ranks to a legend on many things, but one of those the iconic superstar Bret Hart. Recently, footage of a young Edge asking Hart for advice on a talk show surfaced, leading Edge to reminisce on the moment.

In a brief clip shared to Twitter, a younger Edge and another wrestler in the crowd for the Dini Petty talk show in 1992. There, they asked Hart — who was a guest on that particular episode — what they would have to do in order to break into the world of WWE. While Hart’s answer of continuing to wrestle was good, it wasn’t very in-depth. Taking to Twitter, Edge quoted the tweet, and said that Hart found him afterwards to apologize for not being able to give any better advice.

Thankfully for Edge, their paths would cross more than once, as the superstar noted that later in life, Hart would actually invite Edge to train at his home, where he would also help the young superstar in getting his foot in the door at WWE. Obviously, the rest is history for Edge, who went on to become a bonafide legend in the world of professional wrestling.

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