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Juice Robinson Wants To Work More With ROH: They Have Some Of The Best Wrestlers In The World

Juice Robinson wants to see Ring of Honor get involved with the “Forbidden Door” era of collaboration that continues to spread throughout the wrestling world.

In an interview with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Robinson, who had a brief run in ROH alongside the LifeBlood stable in 2019, looked back on his time with the company. He noted that while it didn’t work out, it put some talented wrestlers in the spotlight, and he’d like to work with the company again at some point.

“We got some cool people out of that,” said Robinson. “[Mark] Haskins and Hot Sauce [Tracy Williams], Bandido, that was kinda like the first thing they did. I mean Lifeblood had nothing to do with it, but at least it threw them on the show real quick. I don’t know, and obviously all those guys are, I’m not saying that Lifeblood has anything to do with it, I’m just saying it was an introduction to some dudes. It was cool. It ended up not working out pretty quick for some weird reasons, but whatever.

“ROH is awesome. I can’t wait to do more stuff with them. I feel like ROH, come on. Let’s all work with ROH too, man. They got some of the best wrestlers on the planet,obviously.”

Robinson stated that he’d “love” to compete on an ROH show in the future, and his comments about the “Forbidden Door” are a reminder that anything can happen in wrestling right now.

“There’s a synergistic energy going on right now, everybody working together,” said Robinson. “And just like, it’s also a great time…. Anybody can end up anywhere right now, and it’s awesome.”

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