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ROH Wrestling Results (10/31/21): ROH’s Halloween Special!

In honor of spooky season, Ring of Honor offerered fans a special treat for Halloween; the special “Halloween” edition of ROH Wrestling aired for free on the ROH YouTube page at 7 p.m. EST on Halloween night.

ROH Wrestling Results 

Originally aired October 31, 2021

Report by Colin Tessier for

Quinn McKay welcomes viewers and picks the names for the Wildcard Trick or Treat Tag Team Match, but the names aren’t revealed until later. Delirious then previews the show before the broadcast team officially kicks things off; Ian Riccaboni is dressed as a Teletubby to celebrate Halloween.

ROH Women’s World Champion Rok-C and Quinn McKay vs. Miranda Alize and Max The Impaler

In a pre-match promo, Rok-C and Quinn McKay talk about the bout; McKay tells the champion they should do everything possible to avoid being alone in the ring with Max. Rok-C and Alize start the bout, but McKay quickly tags in and trades holds with Alize. “The Lucha Baddie” gains the upper hand and maintains the advantage when “The Prodigy” tags back in. McKay tags in and rallies, but Max overpowers her opponents when they tag in. Alize tags herself in and drops McKay with a Go To Sleep, but Rok-C breaks up the pin. They lift both Rok-C and McKay and slams the duo. Max drops McKay with a backbreaker, but Alize tags in and steals the pin.

Winners: Miranda Alize and Rok-C

Alize stares Rok-C down after the bout.

Wildcard Trick or Treat Halloween Four Corner Survival Tag Team Match: TBA (all teams will be drawn at random from Jack-o’-Lantern); the winning team will get a $10,000 prize: Demonic Flamita and O’Shay Edwards vs. Silas Young and Rey Horus vs. World Famous CB and EC3 vs. Flip Gordon and Matt Taven

CB and Young trade holds to begin the bout. They exchange pin attempts, and an argument between Young and Horus lets Flamita take control. Horus sends Flamita to the outside with a head-scissors take down. Gordon and Flamita trade fast-paced offense, and EC3 tags in. Gordon lives up to his name and flips around, but EC3 drops him with a punch. Taven squares off with EC3, and a dropkick sends the master of “The Narrative” to the outside. Edwards drives Taven to the corner and double-teams him with Flamita.

Horus and Flamita double-dropkick Taven, but Gordon rallies with a flurry of offense. Taven and Gordon team up on EC3, and Taven gets a two count with a frog splash. EC3 takes Taven down with a clothesline. Edwards catching a diving CB, but Taven takes both men down with a dive of his own. Everyone is down after Horus and Flamita, and Gordon dive onto a group of competitors at ringside. Young steals the pin and the win after Horus hits a 450 Splash on CB.

Winners: Silas Young and CB

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship: Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor, Moses and Kaun) (c) vs. PCO, Sledge and Danhausen

In a pre-match promo, Shane Taylor says he, Moses and Kaun are “pissed off”, and they’re going to give PCO, Danhausen and Sledge the beating that LFI should gave gotten.

Moses and Kaun overpower Danhausen early on. Taylor tags in, and Danhausen tries to fight the powerhouse; he goes so far as to slap “The Baddest Champion.” Taylor drops Danhausen with a stiff forearm. Sledge tags in and squares off with Taylor. They trade blows, and Taylor drops Sledge with a stiff forearm of his own. PCO tags in and clears house, but he comes unhinged. He hits the referee and exposes the turnbuckle. He uses the exposed steel on on three of his opponents and dives onto the floor at ringside, having clearly suffered a battery malfunction. Taylor wages war with PCO and blasts him with a stiff blow. Shane Taylor Promotions teams up on “The French Frankenstein” and he rallies.

Sledge tosses Maun over his head with a suplex. Taylor drills Sledge with a nasty knee to the head after Danhausen tags in. Danhausen drops Taylor with a big boot. PCO accidentally takes Sledge down with a dive to the outside. Danhausen is left by himself, and Taylor pins him with the Marcus Garvey Driver.

Winner and still ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions: Shane Taylor Promotions

Sledge attacks PCO after the match, and the two powerhouses brawl to close the show.

Next week’s episode is the special Championship Edition; Josh Woods will defend his Pure Championship against LSG, and Bandido will put the ROH World Championship on the line against Alex Zayne.

The full episode is available here:

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