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Xavier Woods Reportedly Makes ‘Little To No Additional Money’ From UpUpDownDown, More Details On The Channel’s Hiatus

The people behind UpUpDownDown have put things on hold due to their belief that Xavier Woods isn’t getting a fair shake.

According to Fightful Select, the content creators of UpUpDownDown believe Woods has been working under an unfair deal with WWE. The people that Fightful has spoken to from WWE’s digital team believe that Xavier should be getting paid more due to all the effort he puts into the channel. Fightful does make it clear that this lack of content doesn’t mean an end for UpUpDownDown, but the channel has just been put on hold until matters get rectified.

In a separate update, Fightful Select offered some clarification and revealed that part of the reason the UUDD team is holding out is because of the lack of money Woods is actually seeing from his hosting gigs. According to the report, Woods sees “little to no additional money at all” from UpUpDownDown, and it was also said that his G4 and UUDD commitments are all applied towards his downside guarantee with WWE. It was noted that Woods decided to hold out and stop creating content until a new deal was reached, an action that apparently shocked many people.

Despite not seeing any extra money from his hosting gigs, WWE sources indicated that there’s no heat on Woods for attempting to negotiate a new deal, noting that he won King Of The Ring and feuded with Roman Reigns during the holdout. It was further explained that the UpUpDownDown team sided with Woods out of loyalty for how he helped get them on the platform in the first place, and nearly everyone Fightful spoke with from WWE took Woods’ side on the issue.

WWE owns the channel and always has, but the belief is that Woods should be benefitting from the channel he helped reach 2.27 million subscribers.

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