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Nyla Rose Wants To Face Off With Ruby Soho, Confident She’ll Move On To TBS Title Tourney Quarterfinals

Nyla Rose is looking forward to another deep run in an AEW tournament and says she’ll run through whoever is on the opposite side of the ring from her. 

Nyla Rose recently spoke with WrestleZone about her spot in the TBS Women’s Championship tournament, which is currently in progress on AEW programming. Nyla earned a first-round bye and she’ll face off with Hikaru Shida in the quarterfinals of the tournament. Nyla has been very confident in sharing that she’ll not only beat Shida and move on to next round of the tournament, but she’ll beat whoever is next in line, too.

Despite saying it doesn’t matter who is next, Nyla was asked who she would rather face in the next round. If she had to pick, Nyla said she had history with Kris Statlander already, so she wouldn’t mind properly welcoming “new kid” Ruby Soho to AEW.

“You know I–first and foremost, it doesn’t matter who it is, I really don’t care selfishly, selfishly, I’ve been in there with Kris Statlander, you know, too many times to count. Yeah, she’s a fun opponent. She’s a challenging opponent at the end of the day, without a doubt, but I’ve yet to have some real, real quality time with Ruby Soho, thanks to Thunder Rosa robbing me of that in the battle royale this past year. So I selfishly, I would probably pick Ruby. I would like to get my hands on her and just kind of keep her in check, saying, ‘Hey, listen, you’re new here. You’re the new hot girl on the block. We get it. We know. But this is Nyla’s house. I’ve been here. I’ve been running things. Sit down. Call IKEA. Have several seats. Wait your turn.’”

Nyla is a former AEW Women’s Champion and already made it to the finals of AEW’s last tournament, the Eliminator tournament held in March. Noting that she’s made it the furthest out of anyone in this bracket, Nyla agreed that she’s just confident in her abilities and knows what it takes to win, as well as fail and use it as a learning experience.

“Exactly. It’s not cockiness. It’s confidence. I’ve been down this road. I’ve done this before. Okay, listen, a little bit of a sore subject. First, my first opportunity against Riho for the women’s championship, right? I came up a little short. I was new to the game. Riho was the veteran. She had all the experience. She got the better of me that night. But what happened? Immediately after that, I circled back around. I climbed that ladder, climbed those rankings back to the top and I took the women’s championship. I’ve been on that ride this whole time. Everyone else in this tournament is new to this kind of thing. This is a new environment for them. I’ve been here before. I know how this works.

“Like you said, the first Eliminator tournament, [I] ran through them, [I] got to the finals. This is going to be no different. Actually, you know, I take that back. It will be different because I’m not even going to make it to the finals. I’m going to go past that to the Championship itself. That is going to be the difference between this time and last time. Every single time I fail, that’s just the first attempt in learning. I learn a lesson and we move on and we apply it the next time.”

Nyla Rose versus Hikaru Shida will take place on Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite on TNT. Watch our full interview with Nyla at the top of this post.

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