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Gnarls Garvin Discusses Debuting In MLW Tonight: ‘I’ll Fight Anybody’

Gnarls Garvin is game to fight anyone in Major League Wrestling. Fans will get their first glimpes of “Big Beef” as he aims to exert his dominance against anybody and everybody under the Major League banner on the 11/25 Thanksgiving Special of MLW Fusion ALPHA. Garvin chatted with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo in a MLW Fusion Fight Report Special ahead of his big debut and talked about the unique experience it was being in the MLW locker room for the first time. Gnarls may be new to the experience, but he is certain to stay professional as he’s there to fight.

“I mean the locker room is full of really good wrestlers you know?” Garvin said. “Guys that are very respected and guys that are given/have a lot of respect. It was really cool. I always kind of do my own thing cause I’m really there just to handle business. I have friends obviously but my first time in I wanted to be as professional as possible and check out the landscape and see what’s going on and I feel like I fit into the equation very well.

“I didn’t stop learning the whole time I was there and I got to learn from some of the best and brightest brains in the business. Lot of the guys that work behind the stage are just magnificent minds so it was just a weekend full of being a sponge and just figuring my place out and you know, make it my place essentially so it was awesome. Lots of good people back there.”

Good people or not, “Big Beef” is ready to fight and when asked who he’s impressed by, Garvin went right for the man at the top of the game.

“I want to go straight to the top, so I’d like to face old Hammerstone, you know? I got him in my sights, I got guys like Jacob Fatu in my sights. I want to go straight to the top you know? I don’t want just go there and be a placeholder, I want to be a big part of what’s going on so I got my eyes set to the top. I would love to mix it up with anybody. Like you said, I wrestled Davey [Richards], I’d wrestle him in MLW for sure. I’ll fight anybody. I want to fight everybody so I don’t care if it’s in the middle the bottom or the top, I’ll be there and I’ll be fighting as hard as I can.”

In honor of the feastful Thanksgiving, DeAngelo conducted some rapid fire Turkey Day meal questions:

Best side dish? “Macaroni & Cheese<” Beef said. “Who said it wasn’t? Send them to me directly,” Beef stated. “That and baked beans are my absolute favorite sides. It has to be at every Thanksgiving. Or Christmas. Both are better.”

Worst side dish? “Asparagus. I don’t get it. Thanksgiving? We’re not trying to eat healthy.”

Food separated or all over? “Honestly, I like to put my corn, my mac & cheese and my mashed potatoes all kind of close together and I like to have a roll somewhere close around. Like you said, an occassional green. All the meats are kind of stacked upon one another. I like to cook my turkey on top of everything cause I don’t mind if turkey has flavor or anything else on it, but ham on the bottom, it’s just absorbs all the other and ham has so much flavor so it’s not going to mess anything up.”

Light meat or dark? Light.

Best pie? Derby pie. “It’s kind of like Kentucky, Louisville thing, I like plain old pumpkin.”

Catch Garvin make his MLW debut tonight at 7 PM on Major League Wrestling’s YouTube channel and watch our exclusive interview with him at the top of this post.

You can follow Big Beef on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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