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Ric Flair Says He Could Never Work For Nick Khan, Comments On WWE Erasing His Legacy

Ric Flair says he’ll never go back to WWE, and it’s not because of Vince McMahon.

Ric Flair returned with a new episode of his Wooooo Nation! Uncensored podcast where he spoke about his apparent issues with WWE. Flair recently said WWE was trying to erase his legacy, and shed some more light on why he felt that way on his podcast.

“Well, erasing my legacy, if you take me off the opening of the show and take the ‘Wooooo’, which I own, thank God, because they’ll never get it back, and replace me with the Ultimate Warrior, a guy that sued the company and held them up for money,” Flair explained. “I guess the next thing that they’re going to do with me is make a DVD saying how bad I was like they did with Warrior. Then they brought him back and put him in the Hall Of Fame. It’s not going to work for me.

“One and done, and I very openly, I text Vince [and said] ‘no worries,’ but you’re not going to bring me back — not that they want me, by any means — I could never work for Nick Khan in my entire life. Vince McMahon I could work for, but [WWE President] Nick Khan, who is a guy that orchestrated to take me out of the show? I’ve got my facts together, orchestrated taking the ‘Wooooo’ off, never in a million years. Big difference between Tony Khan and Nick Khan. Tony Khan respects me. He has, as does Vince, Nick Khan does not. I talk to Vince now, I’ve got no problems with Vince. He just knows I won’t come back.”

Asked by co-host Mark Madden if he thinks eventually WWE will want to bring him back, Flair said he won’t do it.

“Absolutely never. I’m 72, I could be dead tomorrow. The last thing I’d want is for them to make a package on me, ever,” Flair stated. “I’ll leave all of that to Tony Khan.”

“Let me just tell you something else that should not shock the world — when I saw that they took me off of the opening and all of that, for whatever reason, who knows. I call it a lack of respect,” Flair noted, “but some people said to me, ‘Ric, how do you feel about that?’ I said, ‘Well, after them asking me to assign my intellectual property to them while I was on life support, nothing that company does surprises me.”

Madden said it’s interesting that Flair doesn’t tie those things to Vince, to which Flair replied that Vince had nothing to do with it.

“He had nothing to do with it, which he made very clear to me. Yeah, he’s the boss,” Flair explained, “but you have to look at WWE, it’s not just a wrestling company. They’re Disney, they do everything. They make movies, he’s got so much to oversee and because he’s so hands-on, he still can’t totally watch over everything.

Flair also spoke about how he hasn’t talked with Tony Khan about joining AEW, but feels like that door is open now because of WWE’s actions. Read more about Flair’s (lack of) interactions with Tony Khan at this link. 

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