darby allin
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

New AEW Darby Allin Action Figure Announced, Old School Wrestling Toy Line to Return

The past few days have been nothing short of exciting for wrestling action figure collectors as new figures have been teased!

Ringside Exclusive Darby Allin

Yesterday RingsideCollectibles.com launched a pre-order for a new, upcoming Jazwares AEW Darby Allin action figure! This action figure of Darby is titled the “Coffin Drop Darby Allin” and will feature the following:

  • 2 heads
  • Soft Goods Body Bag
  • Soft PVC Entrance Jacket
  • Coffin-shaped Skateboard
  • One-of-kind packaging in the shape of a coffin

There are no images of it yet and it will ship in April 2022. You can currently pre-order him on Ringside and SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout!

Also, be sure to check out Ringside’s Black Friday sale currently going on if you’re looking to score some action figures for the holidays at great prices!

The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast is also hosting a Toy Drive with Ringside if you are interested in donating!

Old School Wrestling Figure Toy Line to Return

Some interesting news released this morning came from Chella Toys and FigureCollections.com as they revealed they will be bringing back the Bone Crunching Action wrestling figure toy line from the 90s! While there aren’t many details on who all will be in the first few waves at this time you can see a video showcasing the bone crunching action the figures will have thanks to a video from the factory below! Keep an eye out for more details as they release.

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