ROH Final Battle World TV Title Match
Image Credit: ROH

Rhett Titus Captures ROH TV Title At ROH Final Battle

Rhett Titus walked into ROH Final Battle and walked away with the ROH Television Championship.

In a match against defending champion Dalton Castle, Joe Hendry, and Silas Young, it was Titus that walked out of the ring as the winner. It was a tough match for every competitor, but Titus was able to come away with the win thanks to catching Silas Young late with a massive dropkick for the victory.

Check out a full recap of the match courtesy of our live coverage post by Colin Tessier:

Castle and his Boys play to the crowd. Hendry slams Young early on. Castle and Hendry square off briefly before Young pulls “The Answer” out of the ring. The champion suplexes “The Last Real Man.” Young drops Hendry with a springboard clothesline. Titus takes control with a flurry of offense, and he counters the Bang-a-Rang. “The Professional” drills Hendry with a big boot. Hendry catches a diving Titus and presses him. “The Answer” slams Yoing and Titus at the same time. Hendry drops Titus with a powerbomb. Castle hits Young with the Bang-a-rang. Hendry blasts Castle with the title belt. Dak Draper runs to the ring and attacks Hendry.

Titus catches Young with a dropkick for the win.

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