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Danny Doring Reflects On Winning ECW Tag Team Titles At ‘Massacre On 34th Street,’ ECW’s Closure

Danny Doring looks back on his ECW Tag Team Championship win.

Winning a championship in a major promotion is one of the biggest feats you can accomplish as a professional wrestler, and former ECW star Danny Doring spoke with WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard about how his ECW Tag Title win was the culmination of all of his hard work.

“You work so hard to get to a point where you’re going to win the championships, the work you put in with your partner and paying your dues and the up and down roads and pinching pennies just to eat or sleep, you know, all those things you’ve been through, it culminates right there, really. All the work you put in with your partner to get to that moment, the school, the training, coming up with tag moves, doing all those kinds of things and doing it in New York City, where it was close enough where we could have all of our friends and our families there, it’s a pretty…it’s as storybook as it gets for an athlete. So, just that and wrestling our favorite opponents were Guido and [Tony] Mamaluke with Big Sal, we knew we couldn’t have a bad match with them even if we wanted too, that whole day was pretty spectacular.”

Danny Doring and Amish Roadkill won the ECW Tag Team Championship at ECW: Massacre On 34th Street on December 3, 2000. Not only did the duo win the tag titles that night, but they also have the distinction of being the final ECW Tag Team Champions, as the company ultimately closed down a few months later.

Doring was asked about potential future plans for he and Roadkill that were nixed due to the company closing it’s doors in April 2001. Doring said he’s not sure they were ever built to be a lifelong tag team, regardless of ECW dissolving less than a year after their big title win.

“I don’t know if we were a vehicle built to be a lifelong tag-team like the Dudley Boyz or The Eliminators or The Road Warriors or any of those teams, The Hardy Boyz, I think that was pretty much going to be it. We were probably, from there, going to start to go in a different direction, in singles, probably with a heel turn, probably with me because Roadkill was such a fascination with the people and he was so over. I think they started to plant the seeds for that, we just never got to it. So, we had that distinct title being the last champions and being the team that never broke up and that kind of stuff, so it’s cool but I think that would’ve been the culmination of it all and it would’ve led to other things but it would’ve been interesting to see where we would’ve gone from there but as time and history has told us, that was it.”

Doring also explained how the new age of social media has allowed him to be more creative in his promos compared to the old days where the ‘character-driven’ and ‘scripted to a point’ promos weighed him down. Check out our full interview with Danny Doring at this link.

Doring also recently returned to wrestling as Danny Morrison and won the ISPW Championship in December; more details about his next two title defenses against Bull James and Scotty 2 Hotty can be found here.

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