Friday After Next
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Danny Doring Calls ‘Friday After Next’ An Underrated Christmas Movie

The “Is it a Christmas movie?” debate has a new contender in the ring.

Danny Doring recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of ISPW’s Christmas Chaos live event in Butler, New Jersey. Doring, now being billed as “Superstar” Danny Morrison, was asked what his favorite Christmas movie was. A Christmas Story was the first choice, but Morrison then mentioned Friday After Next, the 2002 sequel to Friday and Friday After Next. 

A Christmas Story. I’m showing my age, but A Christmas Story [is a good one]. Elf is up there, but I’ve got to say—and this is not a popular choice, a lot of people will come down on me for this—but Friday After Next is a very underrated Christmas movie. I don’t care what anybody else says, I watch it at least ten times a season.

“I’d argue it’s the best of the three [Friday films], and that also gets me in a lot of arguments with people, but I’m an outlander that way. I really think — it’s not even a joke — I just enjoy the Friday movies and I enjoy the first one, which everybody loves, the least. Just like I’m a Leprechaun guy, as far as horror movie classics go, it’s just who I am. Michael Myers and Jason, they have no personality, they have no charisma. It’s hard to get behind a guy like that. They just hack people up, what are we doing? Draw me in, give me some personality, give me some Freddy Krueger, give me some Leprechaun.”

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Christmas Chaos saw Morrison win the ISPW title by defeating Bull James in the main event of the show. Morrison, not only won the title, but also left with a new manager in Maven, who was the special guest referee that turned heel. Morrison also “invaded” ’80s Wrestling Con’s Monday Night Virtual signing on December 19th, as he and ISPW’s Shawn Donavan, Vicious Vicki, and The Now took shots at signing guests Nunzio and Snitsky.

Check out the ISPW invasion on Monday Night Virtual below, and check out our full interview with Morrison at this link.