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Kristian Harloff Would Love To Have CM Punk, The Rock, Xavier Woods As Guests On ‘Movie Trivia Schmoedown’

Kristian Harloff would like to keep the pro wrestling connection alive on the Schmoedown.

Kristian Harloff recently spoke with WrestleZone about Movie Trivia Schmoedown, the weekly pro-wrestling-meets-sports-style trivia competition series that pits contestants against each other in a battle to see who knows the most movie trivia. Movie Trivia Schmoedown just hosted “Schmoedown Spectacular VI” on December 4 Harloff, co-creator of the Schmoedown brand, has had a few notable pro wrestling names on the show before, including Chris Jericho and Booker T.

Asked if there were any other pro wrestling names he’d love to have on the show, Harloff said there were some talks with The Rock’s Seven Bucks Production, then named some current WWE and AEW names that would certainly fit the bill.

“I was in talks for a while with Seven Bucks. John Rocha, who’s one of our longest — I’ve known John since college, and he’s a guy who knew wrestling really well — he was our first heel [on Schmoedown]. John understood [our concept] right away, John got it. And so when John was working at Collider with me, we sent him to a junket [for one of The Rock’s movies] and he brought the [Schmoedown] belt. Dwayne cut a promo for us and did some other things, but then I was talking to them before I got involved with Skybound Entertainment. I was talking to Seven Bucks, and I had worked with Brian [Gewirtz] in the past. We’re just having conversations.

“I’d love to have him involved, obviously not just because, of course, you’d want The Rock involved; he’s the biggest superstar out there. Not just that, his understanding of both the wrestling side of it plus the entertainment, I think, is a perfect mixture. I think Xavier Woods is someone for sure that I think would get this thing really, really well. Big E, I mean, there’s tons of people that I think that could really work inside of it. CM Punk is someone that I’ve had on my show in an interview, not in Schmoedown, so I’ve interviewed him a few different times. I think he would get it; I think he’d understand, especially in the horror division. He’s a big horror guy.”

Harloff then talked about how Booker T got involved with the series and said that there’s a lot of ongoing discussions to help keep the connection with the one true sport.

“Booker T found us through one of John Rocha’s matches, and that’s how Brad Gilmore reached out to me after we did that match was John Rocha versus Dan Merle, back in 2017. And he reached out and said, ‘Booker really likes what you guys are doing,’ and then we wound up doing an event at the Reality of Wrestling arena. Booker got involved in the storyline, which was really fun and surreal for me too, because he’s one of the first people I met while I was working at WWE. So it was cool to work with him again. I recently had a conversation with Amy Dumas [Lita] about potentially getting involved. So there’s a lot of different things that we’re talking about doing, so it’s been fun.”

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