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The Briscoes Respond To FTR’s Attack, Tell Tony Khan To Send His Jet And Pick Them Up

Tensions are at an all-time high between FTR and The Briscoes.

The two legendary teams had been feuding on social media for weeks, but the conflict reached a new level when Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood attacked Mark and Jay Briscoe at ROH Final Battle: End of an Era. The brothers had just won the ROH World Tag Tea Championship for the 12th time, but FTR crashed the celebration and violently brawled with the new champions.

Taking to Twitter a few days after the show, The Briscoes made it abundantly clear that they’re ready to fight FTR; they just need to name the time and the place because the time for talking is over.

“Hey say no more,” said Jay. “Bam! [shows ROH World Tag Team Championship] Son of a bitch. Huh, how you like that? I ain’t even gotta talk that s—, I’mma just show it to you, boy. I’m man just show it to you. [shows  the GCW World Tag Team Championship] We ain’t gotta say nothing. We just gonna show you, son. We gonna show you.

Mark weighed in by saying FTR made a mistake by picking a fight with them before Jay continued his message. He dared AEW President and General Manager Tony Khan to send his private jet to their farm to pick them up; he even offered to let Khan park the jet in their cornfield.

“At this point, it’s when and where?” said Jay. “When and where, boys, huh? Send us a plane ticket. Text me a plane ticket. Y’all got my number. Hell, it could be a bus ticket. S—, hey you know what, hey, Tony Khan, fill your little private jet up, you can park that bitch out in the cornfield. Alright, come scoop us. Come scoop us up, man. We ready.”

Mark then compared FTR to babies running around with knives because they don’t even realize how much danger they’re in.

“Now see how I look at this is, y’all boys acting like some big babies,” said Mark. “You understand what I’m saying? And what I mean by that is some babies running ‘round the house with a big ass knife. You don’t know the danger that you done put yourselves in. You don’t even realize it.”

Jay emphasized that the feud is now at the “when and where” stage when it comes to a potential match. He also noted he could personally clear out the cornfield to make room for Khan’s jet. Mark wrapped the message up by telling FTR they’re welcome to the farm anytime because they could have the match then and there.

If, or when, this dream bout becomes a reality, it will pit two of the best tag teams in the world against each other. In addition to their 12 reigns as the ROH World Tag Team Champions, The Briscoes also currently hold the GCW World Tag Team Championship. Meanwhile, Wheeler and Harwood are the reigning AAA World Tag Team Champions, and they have also held the gold in AEW and on all three WWE brands.

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