Brodie Lee AEW TNT Champ
Photo: AEW

New Jazwares AEW Unmatched Series 3 Images Revealed Including Brodie Lee, AEW Entrance Stage (Photos)

Jazwares and Ringside Collectibles teamed up today to reveal the AEW Unmatched Series 3 action figures as well as the new AEW Pop-Up Entrance Stage!

AEW Unmatched Series 3

Series 3 includes:

  • Brodie Lee (plus 1/5000 Chase)
  • Stu Grayson
  • John Silver
  • Anna Jay (plus 1/3000 Chase)
  • Evil Uno
  • LJN Darby Allin (currently postponed)

Darby’s LJN style figure was supposed to be in this set, but has been postponed temporarily. No news on when or where that will be releasing specifically at this time.

AEW Pop-Up Entrance Stage

Jazwares also revealed their AEW Entrance stage, which you can currently pre-order on and SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout!

This set features six swappable entrance stage logos for different AEW events, a really cool feature for play and display! It is made entirely out of cardboard, but is a lot more sturdy than the previous WWE Pop-Up stages released years ago.

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