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Ric Flair Sees More Of Himself In MJF Than Roddy Piper; Gives Praise To FTR

MJF has a cat named Piper, but Ric Flair sees more of himself in Friedman than his “Rowdy” legendary colleague. On a recent episode of Ric Flair’s WOOOOO Nation Uncensored, The Nature Boy called MJF “my man” when his name was brought up before co-host Mark Madden noted he saw a lot of similarities between Max and Piper.

“I see more me than Roddy. I’m not taking away from Roddy,” Flair started before clarifying his comments. “Roddy didn’t brag about his clothes and stuff like that. This kid, which makes him different, he’s talking about the material things or he implies about the material things that other people don’t have especially when it’s the truth.

“He’s so damn good at what he’s doing and it really catches my attention,” Flair added. Flair was also asked about MJF’s Pinnacle partners in FTR whom Madden deemed as the most believable tag team in today’s wrestling, noting how they pattern themselves after AEW legends Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard.

“Those guys and The Usos had some matches that were unbelievable and they took that same level of skill which is immense over and they had the great matches with The Young Bucks. Those guys, once again as I mentioned before, Arn, Tully, myself, we were never Mr. America, right? But we could all work and those kids can work. Unbelievable.”

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone.

You can listen to the full episode of WOOOOO Nation Uncensored below:

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