AEW Dynamite
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AEW Dynamite Results (1/5/21)

Tonight on AEW Dynamite Hangman will defend his World Championship against Bryan Danielson in their long-anticipated rematch. Plus an inaugural TBS Women’s Champion will be crowned when Ruby Soho takes on Jade Cargill.


January 5, 2022, Newark, NJ

Commentary: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur


AEW World Championship

Bryan Danielson vs. Hangman Page (c)

Danielson gets the mind games going with Hangman by bailing and doing jumping jacks. The three judges are Jerry Lynn, Paul Wight & Mark Henry. Hangman topes to Bryan, does his outside moonsault and sizes him up for a Buckshot, but Bryan bails again. He catches Hangman in mid-tope and sends him into the guardrail.

Hangman favors the forearm but continues a steady assault. He gets a two count on Danielson after leaping off the top rope. Danielson drop toe holds Page into the steel steps to change the momentum. Hangman is busted open.

We go to pic-in-pic and Danielson is on the offensive. Headbutts and punches keep Page grounded. Hangman catches Danielson with a DVD. He later gets a near fall with a bridging German suplex. The fight goes to the outside. Hangman pulls Danielson repeatedly into the ring post. Back in the ring, Hangman returns with headbutts and it looks like Bryan is also bleeding. We go to break.

The men trade headbutts on the top rope. Avalanche fallaway slam by Hangman gets a two count. “This is awesome” chants. Hangman goes for a Buckshot, but Bryan drops from blood loss. Danielson rolls him up for a two count. Labell Lock on Hangman’s right arm. Hangman escapes, goes for a Buckshot again, but Danielson hits his running knee. 1-2-no!

Danielson and Hangman exchange more headbutts and Danielson nails a Gotch-style piledriver for a two count. Danielsosn smiles at Jerry Lynn (as that was his finisher). Face stomps to Hangmn. Hangman soon catches Danielson with a powerbomb, but Bryan holds on for a triangle hold. The fight continues. Back drop driver from Hangman. He pulls the elbow pad down. Buckshot Lariat. 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL AEW World Champion: Hangman Page

The Acclaimed are going to do a viral video ripping on Darby Allin and Sting next week.


MJF vs. Shawn Dean

CM Punk suddenly runs down to the ring and gives Dean a GTS. MJF gets the DQ loss.

WINNER: Shawn Dean

MJF is furious. He says without MJF, CM Punk is nothing. He makes Punk relevant. He says Punk ain’t the guy he used to be. He’s the real savior people are looking for. He asks CM Punk if he thinks he’s Roddy Piper. He said Piper was talented enough to main event a WrestleMania. Punk says all he wants to do is kick MJF’s ass. Instead, MJF puts him up against Wardlow nest week. Punk accepts.

Chris Jericho comes out after break. Jericho says last time he was on TBS he was losing to Booker T on WCW Thunder. He didn’t come out last week to help Eddie Kingston, he cme out to take out those two dipshits in 2point0. Out they come. Jericho calls them square head and pinhead. He grabs hold of Flyod and gets attacked by Daniel Garcia and the two. Out come Santana, Ortiz and Eddie Kingston.

Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish.  The boys are back together. He credits the Young Bucks for their help before Cole challenges Jake Atlas on Rampage.


Wardlow (with Shawn Spears) vs. Anthony Zambrano

Before the bell rings, Spears hits a DVD on Zambrano on the outside. Wardlow isn’t pleased. He hits a series of powerbombs. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Wardlow


TBS Women’s Championship Finals

Jade Cargill (with Mark Sterling) vs. Ruby Soho

Ruby knocks Jade to the outside and hits a shotgun dropkick off the apron. Jade hits a double axe handle from the top to Ruby Soho. Ruby arm drags Jade from up top. Out comes Mercedes Martinez but Thunder Rosa comes down to brawl with her. We go to break.

Ruby strikes away at Jade and Ruby goes for a Saito suplex, but  Jade stops it. STO by Ruby. Ruby kicks the thight of Jade and then in the gut. Jade hits a shoulder breaker and then a pump kick. Two count. Saito suplex by Ruby. Mark Sterling gets ejected. Ruby rolls up Jade, but hits a No Future kick. 1-2-no!

Fight goes to the corner and Ruby shows control. She props Jade up top, but Jade slugs it out with her. Ruby goes for another arm drag up top and hits an avalanche Jaded for the 1-2-3.

WINNER and FIRST EVER TBS Women’s Champion: Jade Cargill

Jim Ross was with Serena Deeb earlier in the day. She takes issue with Hikaru Shida and today she demanded a match with her on Dynamite next week. She’s going to take 17 years of aggression out on her ass.


Malakai Black vs. Brian Pillman Jr. (with Julia Hart)

Pillman ducks a Black Mass and Pillman dropkicks Black, once in the ring and once through the ropes. We go to break. Back from it, Black catches Pillma with several kicks, but Brian fires back with a right hand. He hits a jackhammer for a two count. She goes for an Air Pillman, but instead, Black hits a Black Mass and gets the pinfall.

WINNER: Malakai Black

Black goes to further inflict pain on Brian, but The Lucha Brothers come out. Lights go out and Black escapes them.

Schiavone is with Ruby Soho. She’s interrupted by Britt Baker. Ruby said she should prepare for Riho and leave her alone. A brawl ensues and Riho gets involved.


AEW Tag Team Championship

Jurassic Express (with Christian Cage) vs. The Lucha Brothers (c)

Fenix and JB start it off with trading athletic pin attempts. Rey nails him with a crisp dropkick. Penta chops away at Luchasaurus but Lucha levels him down.  A quadruple armdrag goes down. JB evades the LBs and takes them both out, but Penta vaults JB up from the outside, allowing Rey to punt JB. We go to break. Back from break, JB hits a lariat. Tag to Luchasaurus. He takes the brothers out. Jim Ross notes of Bryce Remsburg’s leniency in the match as Lucha Brothers get a double team splash on Luchasaurus. JB leaps over Lucha to hit a destroyer on Rey Fenix as Luchasaurus hits a moonsault powerslam. Two count. Penta thrust kicks JX. Rey hits a destroyer on Luchasaurus. Penta nails a package driver on JB. Two count. They go to finish off JB, but the lights go out. They come back on and Penta is confused. Fight goes to the apron before they hit a combo Fear Factor on JB in the ring. 1-2-no!

Alex Abrahantes pulls out a table for the Lucha Brothers. Christian Cage chases him out. Luchasaurus catches Rey Fenix with a chokeslam to the outside on through the table. JB rolls up Penta and gets the 1-2-3!

WINNERS and NEW AEW Tag Team Champions: Jurassic Express