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Ric Flair On What Makes Brock Lesnar A Great Babyface; Recounts Harley Race Suplexing Andre The Giant

Ric Flair is all for a babyface Beast Incarnate. On the latest episode of Ric Flair Wooooo Nation UNCENSORED, The Nature Boy told co-host Mark Madden as to what makes WWE Champion Brock Lesnar likable in his good guy role, comparing him to Steve Austin.

“Now he comes out and you just know you’re gonna see somebody get their ass kicked, you know what I mean? And that’s what people like, they like to believe in somebody. As a babyface, you can look at Brock Lesnar not only as a phenomenal athlete and as a matter of fact he’s an incredible athlete. The stuff he can do and the stuff he can accomplish, but they know when Brock’s in there that he’s going to kick someone’s ass and that’s what fans like. That’s what they turn it on for.

“When people are bitching about him getting paid a lot don’t mistake the fact that he earns it and he deserves it,” Flair added before stating Brock was always safe to work with and never hurt Flair. With Brock being as big as he is, Madden asked who was the strongest wrestler Flair ever worked with and his answer may be the undoubted “king” of the one true sport.”

It would be Brock, or you know, believe it or not as far as strength in the ring, Harley Race,” Flair said. “Harley had that core strength, man. I’ve seen Harley vertically suplex Andre [The Giant] and hold him up for about five seconds before he dropped him and that took 500 pounds.

“I asked Harley when they came back, I said, ‘Did you ask Andre if you can do that?’ (As Harley) ‘Ask him what? I said…suplex…cover, daddy. Kick out on two.'”

You can check out the complete episode of Wooooo Nation UNCENSORED below:

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone