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WATCH: Live Virtual Signing With Tito Santana And Greg Valentine

From ’80s Wrestling Con:

Get Personalized Autographed Singles & Action Shots of Tito Santana and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine LIVE Tonight!

When you talk about Feuds of The 80s, it’s hard not to think about the battles Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Tito Santana had over the Intercontinental Title. Tonight for the first time, they will reunite for a Virtual Signing with us starting at 7PM ET. You can order personalized singles photos and also action shots of them wrestling each other that they will both sign! Talk about owning a piece of wrestling history! You can watch it tonight from 7-10PM ET on our FACEBOOK page.

We have also added 8 new signings on our page for live events we have coming up! You can now order for former WWE Star Evan Bourne (now AEW’s Matt Sydal) for this Friday night, IRS/Mike Rotunda for this Saturday, “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, The Head Bangers, Scotty 2 Hotty, Shane Douglas, Outback Jack, and Kevin Sullivan!

Also, don’t forget about our live event signing with “The Mouth of The South” Jimmy Hart this Friday. You still have time to get your orders in for that as well!

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Santana, during a past interview with WrestleZone, talked about Jesse Ventura calling him “Chico” on WWF TV in the 80s.

“He was a great heel and he happened to like working with me in the ring. Whenever somebody that popular would knock you in the ring as a babyface he was actually helping your career. I would arrive at the different arenas and the fans were calling me ‘Hey, chico!’ And for some reason—I don’t know if you remember the series, Chico and The Man. But it kind of would upset me and I’d think ‘Why are they calling me chico?’” Santana said. “Then one Saturday morning I was away somewhere and I happened to have the TV on and Jesse came on, and our show came on, and I heard Jesse calling me ‘chico’ when he’s doing the commentating on my match and I said, ‘Ah! So this is where the fans were getting it from!’ And then I had a different perspective why the fans were calling me ‘chico.’”

Check out the full interview with Santana below: