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Leo Sparrow Details Getting Booked For WWE RAW, Appearing For AEW The Same Week

Leo Sparrow made a bit of history last week… but it turns out that he didn’t know it until someone pointed it out to him.

Independent wrestler Leo Sparrow appeared on WWE‘s Monday Night RAW and AEW Rampage in the same week. Sparrow was the man who was defeated in quick fashion by Omos on the 1/10 edition of Monday Night RAW and also appeared in The Acclaimed‘s diss track music video for Sting and Darby Allin on the 1/15 episode of AEW Rampage. While he didn’t pull a traditional ‘Rick Rude’ by appearing on both shows in the same night, Sparrow is still one of the few wrestlers to appear on two nationally-televised wrestling shows in the same week.

Sparrow detailed how his Monday Night RAW appearance came together when appearing on Jofo In The Ringexplaining that he didn’t know Omos would be his opponent until that night.

“They [WWE] contacted me and there was this specific blood work and physical form that they need you to fill out and then you need to send it to their head of talent relations department and if they know you and that they like you and they can trust you, they will contact you when they have an opportunity around you locally. So, this one was in Philadelphia and I got the call Sunday night that says can you be at RAW tomorrow? So, I said ‘yes, absolutely!’ and I jumped to Philadelphia with a car full of guys and we’re sitting and eating in catering and then my trainer Pat Buck came up to me and he said ‘congratulations you’re gonna be wrestling on Monday Night RAW’ and I said ‘okay, who am I gonna wrestle?’ and he said ‘Omos!’ and I went ‘oh shit!’ and then that was it from there and we just kept going.”

When asked how it felt to be in the same company as Rick Rude by appearing on national television in two different major wrestling companies in the same week (Rude did it in the same night when he appeared on Monday Night RAW and WCW Nitro on November 17, 1997), Sparrow said it felt great, but mentioned that he didn’t even realize it happened so close together until it was pointed out to him.

“It feels really good. I didn’t know it until last night that happened. Someone made the connection and they were like ‘hmmm, you were on Rampage the same week and I was like ‘no way!’ So, I had to send out a tweet about it and it got some attention but some wrestling news companies and they wrote some articles about it so that was pretty good. I believe that there was one woman who did NXT and AEW, maybe it was Dark the same night.”

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