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Samu Anoa’i Says He Signed A ‘Nostalgia’ Deal With WWE

Headshrinker Samu says he signed a new deal with WWE.

Former WWF Tag Team Champion Samu Anoa’i (aka Headshrinker Samu in WWF) has announced that he’ll be returning to the company under a ‘Nostalgia’ deal.

The former champion spoke with Daily Item to make the announcement.

“I am truly honored to return to the company in which has been my family since I was born,” Samu announced. “I am also happy for the wrestling fans of Sunbury and surrounding areas who have always welcomed me, my family, my brother Afa and son Lance with open arms. I have made several friends who are now family to me and that is priceless.”

It was noted that Samu referred to the deal as a “WWE Nostalgia Contract” but it’s likely that it’s one of the company’s “Legends” deals for alumni. Samu took some time to thank WWE Chairman Vince McMahon as well as other company officials for making the deal come together.

“I want to thank Mr. McMahon, the rest of the McMahon family, and all of the WWE officials for all they have done for me and my family,” said Samu.

Samu originally worked for the WWE (then WWF) from 1983 to 1985. After spending time in other promotions like WCW, he returned to WWE in 1992 before departing the company for a final time in 1996.

Samu’s former partner, Rikishi, recently made a push for getting Umaga in the WWE Hall Of Fame. Read more about why he feels like the honor is overdue at this link.

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