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JBL Says Baron Corbin Is A Really Smart Guy, Someone That He’d Love To Manage

JBL says he’d be interested in potentially managing a certain SmackDown star.

WWE Hall of Famer John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield recently spoke with Inside The Ropes and the former World Champion explained how he’d ‘love’ to manage ‘Happy’ [Baron] Corbin. The topic was approached after JBL was asked about what he thinks it takes for talent to succeed in wrestling. Bradshaw prefaced his answer by noting he’s reluctant to give advice because his way might not always work for others.

“You always got to be careful, you know. Always when people ask me, how would you do this or how would you do that? And my answer is always, I don’t know, this is how I would do it and you know, you try to inject what you would do into somebody else and sometimes you just screw them up and they try to do what you were doing and they can’t.

“They’ve got to make it themselves. That’s the one great thing about Fit Finlay was when he trained people, he trained people. He didn’t train them cookie cutter. He would figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are and tailor his training to you. And so I don’t give a ton of advice. When People ask I always give advice. I always say, this is what I would do.”

JBL then said that one WWE Superstar he really likes right now is Corbin, although he’s not sure how having him as a manager would fare since he’s a taller individual than some wrestlers.

“I love Baron Corbin. I think Baron Corbin is a really smart guy, and I think Baron Corbin is a guy I would like to manage. The problem I have is I’m kind of like Colonel Parker. I’m tall and so I can’t manage a lot of people because I’m 6’6 and you don’t want a manager that’s bigger than the wrestler and so I’m limited in who I can manage because of the size.”

Corbin is currently slotted in a feud alongside his tag partner Madcap Moss against former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. McIntyre defeated Moss at this past weekend’s Elimination Chamber event and McIntyre stated that he’s now aiming for the aforementioned Corbin.

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